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Take chances, even scary ones

As I approach that fateful date when I underwent my 13 hour brain tumour surgery I always reflect.

Other than realising I am capable of way more than I could ever have imagined. I have learned that we are never really ready for what life has to throw at us, (good or bad), we are never adequately prepared so you just have to go for it. Whatever it is you want just do it. Take chances.

Because nothing lasts forever and that is both the tragedy and miracle of existence. Good times don’t last which seems sad but on the flip side shit times don’t either, (And anyway, how can you really value and appreciate amazing times if you’ve never experienced a little ‘turmoil’?).

I’ve survived some epic shit storms and experienced way more turmoil than I’d like and while I’m utterly relieved they eventually pass I’m also fully aware that the incredible happy times pass too……………it’s this very reason I want to take chances. Even scary ones that I’m not sure are meant for me. But I guess if you’re not scared then you’re not taking chances and some of the best experiences in my life have actually been built on uncertainty and taking risks!

Sometimes your gut is leading you down an unknown path but inside you just know that something big is on the other side so go for it, you’ll never know what you can truly accomplish until you do something you’ve never done. Take the risk because there’s a chance you’ll step into some of your biggest rewards.

So my advice……… “go apply for that job, date that person, buy the plane ticket, move to another city or country”. Because it’s never a mistake or a failure. It’s either a lesson or incredible experience and remember neither will last forever. And in the end we only regret “the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make”.

And I plan on taking a whole lot more chances before 2020 arrives!

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