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I am my own experiment

I've been pushing boundaries and breaking all the rules since my brain tumour and Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis 14 years ago.

Today is no different.

My health hasn't been great over the past 18 months. Early menopause has wrecked havoc on my MS and an MRI 6 weeks ago confirmed my suspicions. I have a new plaque on my brain and a whole heap of inflammation. I have had a consultation with 2 neurologists who would like me to start disease modifying treatment, (DMT for short), which is essentially chemotherapy tablets for MS for the rest of my life.

My neurologist knows me well, knows I'm heavily into research and alternative ways and she told me to go do my thing, make my decision and she will support it 100%.

Initially I was terrified. However, I reminded myself I've been here before and eradicated inflammation, even reduced the number and size of MS plaques so I can do it again.

Taking DMT isn't an option for me. There is a risk of developing a brain infection called PML. Don't get me wrong it's very small but nobody has lived more than 24 months after contracting this infection and there are other pretty nasty side effects. I have already tested positive for the pre cursor virus that can lead to PML and I know from experience I'm small risk. If its going to happen, you bet its going to happen to me!

My MS hasn't all of a sudden become aggressive for no reason. I know it's hormone related. I am highly sensitive to progesterone which is exacerbating my MS. Estrogen makes my MS symptoms subside and I feel great. However, I have to take progesterone to prevent cancer. One of its purposes is to prevent thickening of the lining of the womb.

So what's the answer? There's ALWAYS a solution. I've spent the past 14 years finding answers to health difficulties. A hysterectomy! I can take estrogen without the problematic progesterone! I can almost guarantee that my MS will stabilise after that. My neurologist is aware of my decision and was true to her word. Side note - I know that in the future it is hoped that MS in both men and women might be controlled entirely by hormones.

If it wasn't happening to me, it's genuinely fascinating and what I'm going through might help lots of people who are coming in behind me.......yet again, I am my own experiment.

In the meantime, (while I wait for a date for said hysterectomy), under the guidance and watchful eye of my physiotherapist Lesley Kay we are going back to basics. Glute activation and core stability are the priority. I am doing a lot of breath work too.

I can't forget about nutrition. It plays an important role and it's always been my go to along with CBD. Currently eating lots of anti-inflammatory foods and lean protein.

I am also being super diligent with my CBD routine. Capsules daily in the morning and CBD Cream before bed to ease neurological pain and help with sleep. Which is REALLY helping!

I'm about 4 weeks into my routine and already its making a difference.

Roll on getting a date for surgery but that is likely months away. However, I know I'm doing everything I can to support my health and I know with certainty I can beat this again in my OWN way!

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