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Animal rescue is so rewarding

The efforts that many individuals go to, to secure the safety for

animals is one of the most beautiful things in this world.

I have grown up my entire life with rescue dogs. My parents

strongly believe in providing shelter, love and safety for dogs

that have been abandoned or mistreated. Despite the

horrendous suffering these innocent souls have endured they

still have the capacity for unconditional love and loyalty. That

right there, that’s the lesson. The lesson that we all need to

learn. We are all connected, we must have compassion. Now

more than ever.

There is a purpose and place for EVERY SINGLE thing in

nature. That’s fu*king INCREDIBLE. We need more Pen

Farthing’s in the world. We need more rescuers, we need

more understanding, we need to be the voices for those that

can’t speak.

What kind of world would this be if we didn’t share it with

animals…….it would be an even darker, sadder place that’s

for sure.

When I look at our rescue Rottweilers I could cry. It’s an

absolute honour and privilege that they trust us ………….

They have still found a way to trust another human……..the

very species that initially treated them like absolute garbage.

The animals deserve a chance too and the men and women

that fought relentlessly for them and continue to fight for them

are absolute hero’s:

“Once you’ve shared a bond with an animal, a life without

them is a life diminished”. Not a truer word spoken.

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