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Rise strong

I’ve just finished reading a book: ‘Rising Strong’ by Brené Brown. It inspired me to write this………

Nobody, (myself included), ever really talks about what it takes to ‘Rise Strong’. It’s easy to fast forward to the good bits, skip past the shit. So here’s my reality of ‘Rising Strong’………..

I’ve spent many, many, many nights crying myself to sleep wondering why this happened to me. I’ve questioned it all, I’ve been angry, I’ve felt vulnerable and alone, (even with my family and friends right by my side). I’ve wanted someone to take away the pain both physical and mental, I’ve wanted to wish it all away. I’ve prayed that I’d wake up in the morning and realise this was all just a bad dream. I’ve had to watch the pain on my family’s face as they’ve watched me suffer wondering how they can make it better. I’ve retreated from the world to wallow in self-pity. Being sick every single day, excruciating headaches, being malnourished, mild morphine addiction, nightmares about the things I should never have had to endure whilst in ‘care’, hours and hours of gruelling Physiotherapy, extreme fatigue, recovering from multiple surgeries, multiple blood clots, radiotherapy and MS relapses.

Whether it’s ill health, relationship problems, family issues or career troubles know this – falling is hard:

“We want to go back but there’s nowhere to go back to………straddling the tension that lies between wanting to go back to the moment before we fell and being pulled forward to even greater courage is an inescapable part of rising strong”.

So rising from the ashes, daring greatly, being brave and courageous comes after the fall. After falling so far down that you wonder if it’s possible to get back up because there is no easy fix for pain, no one size fits all approach, no guidebook. You have to find your own way to work through it but be patient and kind to yourself.

It’s ok to fall hard. Yes it’s painful, yes it’s shitty but once you’ve worked through all the shit you get to the good stuff, great stuff even. So if you’re in the process of falling, (for any number of reasons), or just feel stuck hang in there. It gets better, it really does. And you too, will soon discover it is more than possible to RISE STRONG.

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