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‘New Year’, don’t need a ‘New Me’

And so it has begun………..the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts and #’s. For a split second I got sucked in too. As if the me I was a few days ago wasn’t enough. That the me prior to January was a bit rubbish – and that’s simply not true.

See the girl in this photo, the body in this photo ………….. it has endured a lot, (a hell of a lot), yet still keeps breathing. It gets tired yet still finds a way to keep going. It wears many scars yet is still beautiful in its own way. It has been weak yet unbelievably strong. It has been loved deeply but also betrayed in unimaginable ways. It has been incredibly brave yet at times terrified. It has been broken almost beyond repair yet still found a way to recover. It is determined yet full of self doubt. And it’s mine, all mine……….my body, my mind, me. All incredible and still finding ways to astound me, teach me, show me, help me……….every single day!

So, I think it’s time to ditch the clichéd ‘New Year, New You’ bullshit and focus on what’s already great about you instead. Absolutely use this as a time of reflection. Absolutely set goals that will improve your life and well-being. Don’t go thinking you need to be someone else though!

You see, I was more than enough before the New Year came. I don’t need a ‘new me’. And neither do you reading this.

I’m absolutely not putting myself under pressure to conform to the shite that’s going to flood my FB and Instagram newsfeeds. The shite that’s in the magazines that I’ll buy. I hope you don’t succumb either.

What I hope for everyone of you reading this, (myself included), is that 2019 brings you the wealth you need to pursue your hopes, dreams hobbies and passions. I hope it brings you amazing health and I hope it brings you a ton of happiness, good times and awesome memories.

Have the best 2019.

PS Remember # NewYearDontNeedANewMe

PPS Remember, “you are not something that can be measured in cm’s, or kg’s, or money, or IQ, or likes, or followers, or status. The moment you think you can be measured is the moment you reduce yourself. The infinite cannot be measured. You are human. You are made of star-stuff. You are the universe in motion”.

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