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Here’s to being alive

The 6th September 2019 was my ‘I’m still alive’ anniversary. Yip, can’t quite believe it myself. Nobody thought I’d survive because who comes back from the dead?…………………Me that’s who.

Resuscitated 3 times, a coma, life support and I’m still here. And I’m not just surviving, I’m thriving. Life is good.

The day I had my brain tumour surgery, my life changed. I lost love, friends and pieces of myself that I never imagined I would lose. But I got those pieces back. New love entered, better friends came along and true friends stuck around. I see a stronger, wiser, more courageous me when I look in the mirror these days. I see a powerful woman unafraid of being herself. I’m so, so glad I found her.

My future is filled with so much hope, love, exciting projects, more rule breaking and obviously more boundary pushing LOL. The shit that makes my heart beat faster and my eyes glow is what I’m doing more of. And I cannot wait.

Here’s to being alive!

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