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Covid-19: a time of uncertainty

The quote below seemed really appropriate given the uncertainty we’re all facing right now:

“Have you noticed it, too? How fears are a lot like highway billboards?

The faster you’re moving, the quicker they approach, the larger they get, and the more they block your view of what’s real and alive. To the point that they tower above you, larger than life itself, giving you pause and more reason than ever to turn around and retreat to safety.

Yet if you muster the courage to stay the course, in just a blink they’re behind you, put into proper perspective. And then as quickly as they appeared, they completely vanish”

I’m spending time reflecting, re-evaluating goals and trying to embrace a change to routine……..I’m also spending very little time on social media. Like a lot of people I feel uncertain of the future and am worried the things I’ve been working towards may never come to fruition. If that’s the case I have to believe it’s because they were never meant for me and something else will take their place.

This too shall pass.

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