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A letter to Me from Me

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I am EXTREMELY hard on myself, perhaps we are all guilty of this?!

For me though, it’s kind of like a form of self bullying. I don’t need society to make me feel bad, I can do a pretty good job of it by myself. The things we tell ourselves are really important so the fact that there are days I am personally berating myself is utterly ridiculous. Being hard on myself doesn’t motivate me or enhance my life in any way……………It’s like a bad habit I need to break and I recognise that I need to be kinder to me.

So I decided to write myself a letter. A letter that I can read on *those* days. A letter that I have written as though I was sending a precious note to the person I love most in the world. I wanted to share it with you all……….. I wanted to share it in the hope that those of you lacking in self love, or are guilty of self bullying, will write yourselves a letter too.

We have to learn to nurture our beautiful souls and the incredible individuals that we ALL are………..


Dear Shelley

If you’re reading this you’re having one of *those* days. A day that you’re unsure of yourself, a day that you’re questioning your abilities.

I’m here to remind you of the incredible woman you have become. Of the obstacles you have faced and the mountains you have climbed. I’m here to remind you of the fierce battles you’ve fought and seemingly impossible victories you’ve won. You did it. You should be proud. So very, very proud.

You found the strength to persevere and endure in spite of the challenges presented to you. Even when you were weary, tired and afraid you still showed up. The warrior within you refused to give in. She carried you, held you when your pieces shattered. That warrior is a feisty, empowered bad ass and she has not once let you down.

Don’t you dare doubt yourself, not now, not after everything. Remember, you put those shattered pieces back differently. You put them back together in a way that’s made you stronger, more resilient, yet you’re not hardened to the horrors you’ve faced. You’ve let those horrors soften you and that is a truly beautiful thing.

You know that you were never meant to be ordinary. You know that you came here to break the rules and push boundaries. And you’re doing it. Don’t stop. Keep going. You’ve got this.

I love you xx


This was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever written and I write a lot. Writing positive, beautiful words about myself is something I’m really uncomfortable with. However, it’s the kind of things I’d say to friends and family so why would I not say them about myself. In all honesty I think this is an exercise that most people would struggle with. We are not conditioned to be kind to ourselves. For anyone that’s hard on themselves, (and I’m damn sure that’s most of you), go write yourself a letter. Recognise your accomplishments, honour your individuality, be kind to yourself. Read it everyday.

Your words have great power so be careful how you use them……especially when talking to yourself about yourself!

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